No. 9 Abashiri → Bihoro → Kitami → AbashiriNo. 9 Abashiri → Bihoro → Kitami → Abashiri

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Operation period

2024.1.26 (Fri) → 2.25 (Sun) service

Time table

Boarding / alighting place Arrival time Departure time Get on / off Sightseeing
Abashiri Station (station rotary)   10:00 Get on    
Kando-no-Michi       Car window
Memanbetsu Airport 10:45     Get off  
Bihoro Pass Michi no Eki 11:20 11:50 No Sightseeing for
30 mins
Memanbetsu Airport 12:30 13:30 Get on Get off Lunch 60 mins
Northern Earth Aquarium (admission fee included) ※1 14:45 15:20 No Sightseeing for
35 mins
North Fox Farm (admission fee included) ※1 15:30 16:00 No Sightseeing for
30 mins
Kitami Bus Terminal※You cannot ride between Kitami → Memanbetsu Airport. 16:40 16:50 Get on Get off  
Memanbetsu Airport 17:30     Get off  
Abashiri Station 18:00     Get off  
  • ※1 Admission fees to Northern Daichi Aquarium and Kitakitsune Farm are included.

Route Map

Ride fare

Ride fare

Note: Dwarfs are in parentheses (applicable to one child per adult)

Each price includes a drift ice zero carbon cooperation fee of 187 yen.
The Drift Ice Zero Carbon Cooperation Fund will be used to protect drift ice and the natural environment around it.
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SL Winter Marshland

Bihoro Pass in the Winter

One of the most scenic spots in Japan, with panoramic views of Lake Kussharo, the largest caldera lake in Japan. The frozen and snow-white Lake Kussharo in winter is truly a sight to behold. The adjacent rest stop is also very popular.


Route points

  • North fox farm


    Visit Kitakitsune Farm, which is home to adorable foxes. The fluffy winter coats of the foxes will make you swoon.

  • Northern Earth Aquarium


    Visit the popular Aquarium of North Earth (Mountain Aquarium), which features the wonderful sight of Japan's first waterfall tank and the world's first river tank that freezes in winter.

  • Kando-no-michi


    Visit Kando-no-michi in the suburbs of Abashiri, which offers a breathtaking view of the Shiretoko mountain range. The white land and mountains are a spectacular sight that can only be seen in winter.

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