From Akanko to Obihiro 【Akanko→ikeda→Obihiro】

  • From Akanko to Obihiro 【Akanko→ikeda→Obihiro】
  • From Akanko to Obihiro 【Akanko→ikeda→Obihiro】
  • 日帰り

This model course is recommended who would like to stayover in Akan onsen and move to Obihiro next day .Also, who leave Hokkaido from Obihiro Airport.

【Travel distance】about 192km【Travel time】about 4h10min 【Approximate time】】about 7h~8h

Akanko Onsen

  • By car 30min(19km)



    Onneto is located in the westernmost part of the Akan Mashu National Park.
    The lake is known as mystery lake that color of the lake change to 7 colors by the viewing position changes .It is also known as the autumn leaves spot.

  • By car 1h40min(93km)

    Ikeda Wine Castle

    2Ikeda Wine Castle

    The official name is "Ikeda-cho Grape and Wine Research Institute" The fastest wine brewing by local government management is Ikeda Wine Castle.There is basement aging room and wine factory and shopping area in the Ikeda Wine Castle who can enjoy with the wine and beef of Tokachi in the restaurant.

  • By car 70min(49km)

    Rokka Forest

    3Rokka Forest

    Garden confectionery shop representative of the Tokachi "Rokkatei" Flowers bloom on the site of 100,000 square meters. Also, Memorial of Mr Sakamoto, who worked on the wrapping paper of Rokkatei. The Cafe and store attached to Rokkatei it will be enjoy Rokkatei Suites .

  • By car 15min(7km)

    Happiness Station

    4Happiness Station

    Happiness Station of JNR-Hiroosen line is a railroad of terminal station.This catchphrase "(also was in the railroad station) to happiness from patriotic" that made happiness Statio famous.Happiness Station still gets a lot of tourists as a ‘Lovers’ Sanctuary’ even after the 1987 of ended .

    ※Obihiro airport from Happiness Station it takes about 10minute of 6km .


Obihiro station


  • 出発地Akanko Onsen
  • 1Onneto
  • 2Ikeda Wine Castle
  • 3Rokka Forest
  • 4Happiness Station
  • 到着地Obihiro station