East Hokkaido Hot Springs Best 6!

East Hokkaido Hot Springs Best 6!

Kawayu Onsen

East Hokkaido Hot Springs Best 6!

The source of the Kawayu Hot Springs is a strong acidic spring.

The intensity of the spring water is strong enough to melt metal nails, but the water is smooth, thick, and tastes like lemons.

You can take a dip in the pristine hot spring and be surrounded by magnificent nature.

Cleanse your body and mind with a long bath waf ting with the smell of sulfur.


Access to Kawayu Onsen
About an hour from Memanbetsu Airport by bus
About 2 hours from Kushiro Airport by bus
About 2 hours and 30 minutes from Abashiri Sta. by JR
About an hour and 40 minutes from Kushiro Sta. by JR


Lake Abashiri Onsen

East Hokkaido Hot Springs Best 6!

Liberating open-air bath overlooking Lake Abashiri.

You will be moved by the beautiful winter sun setting over the beautiful lake surrounded by abundant nature.

Taking a dip during the sunset is exceptional.

Reasonably-priced day use of the hot springs is another great feature!


Access to Lake Abashiri Onsen
About 25 minutes by car, 30 minutes by bus from Memanbetsu Airport
About 10 minutes by car, 15 minutes by bus from Abashiri Sta.


Tokachigawa Onsen

East Hokkaido Hot Springs Best 6!

Tokachigawa Hot Springs is a moor hot spring,which is quite rare in Japan.

The water contains nutrients of a lignite layer, which gradually formed through the decomposition of plants,

such as reeds that grew in ancient times. Legend has it that the Ainu used to call it a " medicinal swamp."


Access to Tokachigawa Onsen
About 40 minutes from Obihiro Airport
About 30 minutes by bus, 20 minutes by car from Obihiro Sta.


Lake Akan Onsen

East Hokkaido Hot Springs Best 6!

Lake Akan is one of the leading hot spring resorts in Hokkaido.

You can enjoy the breathtaking views of unspoiled nature while soaking in the bath.

Above all, Mount Oakan is powerful beyond description.

It is impossible to feel any thing but amazing, when you are soaking in the hot springs on a cold winter's day.


Access to Lake Akan Onsen
About 65 minutes from Kushiro Airport by bus or car
About 80 minutes from Memanbetsu Airport by car


Utoro Onsen (Shiretoko)

East Hokkaido Hot Springs Best 6!

Utoro Hot Springs is located in a l ong-known s cenic spot,

which is said to be one of the top three magnificent landscapes in Hokkaido.

The spring water is opaque brown in colour and also known as a hot spring of beautiful skin.

Take in the splendor of Hokkaido, the beautiful sunset sinking into the Sea of Okhotsk,

and the majestic mountains of Rausu, as you soak in the hot springs.


Access to Utoro Onsen
About 2 hours by car, 2 hours and 20 minutes by bus (Shiretoko Airport Liner) from Memanbetsu Airport


Shikaribetsu kotan Onsen on the frozen lake

East Hokkaido Hot Springs Best 6!

This ephemeral village built on a frozen lake appears for only 60 days.

Don't forget an outdoor hot tub on the surface of the frozen lake, truly a world-class experience!



Access to Shikaribetsu Kotan