For One Month Only from January 27 through March 3, 2024!Eastern Hokkaido Network Bus EAST HOKKAIDO NETWORK FREE PASS Advance Booking Required │ Unlimited Ride Pass

For One Month Only from January 27 through March 3, 2023!Eastern Hokkaido Network Bus EAST HOKKAIDO NETWORK FREE PASS Advance Booking Required │ Unlimited Ride Pass

Make a prior reservation and get an unlimited ride pass of more than 20 bus lines including the intercity buses and Eastern Hokkaido Express Bus which provides you with an easy access to the major tourist attractions and hot spring resorts in eastern Hokkaido.
Recommended for fully enjoying your trip to eastern Hokkaido in winter!

Unlimited Ride Pass points

Power up here this year!

Higashi Hokkaido Expressway Bus has increased to 9 routes this year! In addition, buses between Asahikawa and Kushiro are now even cheaper.

  1. Tip #1

    The more you ride, the more you save!

    For example, if you ride on the three routes Mombetsu → Abashiri, Abashiri → Shiretoko Utoro, and Shiretoko Utoro → Kushiro, the regular price of 14,872 yen will be a whopping 9,987 yen!

  2. Tip #2

    A great lineup is available!

    Including the intercity buses, White Pirika Liner, and the popular bus line "Eastern Hokkaido Express Bus", more than 20 lines are available!


Advance booking is required to take each bus using the Unlimited Ride Pass! It's recommended that you book 8 days prior to your boarding date. No guarantee, but you may book by 5 P.M. on three days before only if there are seats left.

How far in advance should I purchase the Unlimited Ride Pass?
Please make your purchase at least 10 days before the first day of your boarding date. You will be able to book each bus after that.

3-day, 4-day, and 5-day passes are available!

  • 3-Day Pass

    9,987 JPYEffective Period: January 27, 2024 - March 1, 2024

  • 4-Day Pass

    13,987 JPYEffective Period: January 27th - February 29th, 2024

  • 5-Day Pass

    16,987 JPYEffective Period: January 27th - February 28th, 2024

Note: Once activated, your pass is valid for the number of consecutive calendar days you've chosen.

Each price includes the Okhotsk Drift Ice Trust movement donation of 187 yen.
Your donation will be used for the activities of the Okhotsk Drift Ice Trust movement.

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The Bus Lines Included in the Unlimited Ride Pass

route map

Eastern Hokkaido Express Bus
  • No.1 Mombetsu → Abashiri → Utoro
  • No.2 Akan → Mashu & Abashiri → Mombetsu
  • No.3 Kitami & Abashiri → Kawayu & Mashu → Akan → Kitami & Abashiri
  • No.4 Kushiro → Akan → Bihoro→ Abashiri → Utoro
  • No.5 Utoro → Notsuke → Akan → Kushiro
  • No.6 Utoro → Shibecha (SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen Train Connection)
  • No.7 Shibecha → Utoro (SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen Train Connection)
  • No.8 Kitami → Abashiri → Bihoro → Kitami
    *Does not include boarding the Aurora.
  • No.9 Abashiri → Bihoro → Kitami → Abashiri

Please see below for information on East Hokkaido Express Bus routes.

Eastern Hokkaido ExpressBus
The Intercity Express Bus
  • Shiretoko Airport Liner (Memanbetsu & Abashiri ⇔ Utoro)
  • City Bus: JR Kushiro Station & Kushiro Airport ⇔ Lake Akan
  • Marimo Express Okhotsk (Abashiri & Kitami ⇔ Lake Akan)
  • Sunrise Bus(Asahikawa & Sounkyo ⇔ Kitami ⇔ Lake Akan & Kushiro)
  • City Bus: Shari Station ⇔ Utoro Bus Terminal
  • Marimo Express Kushiro (Kushiro ⇔ Lake Akan)
  • Airport Shuttle Service (Nakashibetsu Airport - Nemuro)
  • Nemuro Express Bus (Kushiro - Nemuro)
  • Akan Airport Liner (Kushiro Airport ⇔ Lake Akan)
  • North Liner Bus (Asahikawa & Furano & Sounkyo - Obihiro)
  • Kushiro ⇔ Nakashibetsu ⇔ Shibetsu ⇔ Rausu
Regularly Scheduled Sightseeing Bus
  • White Pirika (Kushiro → Lake Mashu → Lake Akan → Kushiro)
  • Abashiri Maruwakika Bus in Winter (Sightseeing around Abashiri)
    *An additional 7,000 yen is required for the boarding fee, lunch fee, and sightseeing fee when boarding.
Region Pass
  • ・Abashiri Kanko Shisetsu Meguri Bus (1-Day)
  • Kitami Bus Free Pass (1 day ticket)
  • 1-day unlimited pass for Nemuro routes

Unlimited Ride Pass ”Early Winter Version”

route map

<City Buses and Transit Buses>

  • North Liner (Asahikawa and Furano/Sounkyo to Obihiro)
  • Ishikita (Asahikawa and Sounkyo to Kitami)
  • Senpoku (Kitami to Lake Akan and Kushiro)
  • Marimo Express Obihiro (Obihiro to Lake Akan)
  • Akan Airport Liner (Kushiro Airport to Lake Akan)
  • Tokkyu Nemuro (Kushiro to Nemuro)
  • Transit Bus Kushiro-Akan Line (Kushiro and Kushiro Airport to Lake Akan)
  • Transit Bus Shari-Utro Line (Shari to Utro)
  • Transit Bus Nemuro Nakashibetsu Airport (Nakashibetsu Airport to Nemuro)
  • Transit Bus Kushiro to Nakashibetsu to Rausu

<Unlimited Regional Passes>

  • VISIT TOKACHI PASS (Unlimited Pass for Tokachi Area)
  • Kitami Bus Unlimited Pass (Unlimited Pass for Kitami and Engaruchiku Area)

<Regional Fixed-Rated Buses>

  • Abashiri On-Demand Bus (Within Abashiri Area)
  • Abashiri Tourist Sites Loop Bus (Abashiri to Mt. Tento)


October 23, 2023 - January 26, 2024 (Last Day of Use)


3-Day Pass
4-Day Pass
5-Day Pass

*Every fare includes a ¥187 contribution to the Okhotsk Ice Floe Trust. Your contribution will be allocated to helping save the ice.
For more information, please click here.

Model Course

〜 For Early Winter 〜

〜 For Mid Winter 〜

Important: Please read the below details carefully.

  • ・Advance booking is required to take each bus using the Unlimited Ride Pass.
    Advance booking on the booking page is required even for a bus including a city bus which doesn't need booking.
  • ・You will be charged the regular fare in case you haven't booked. No exceptions can be made.
  • ・When boarding, you need to show either your boarding pass which has been emailed after booking the bus or a hard copy of your boarding pass.