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The road to the general Institute of East Hokkaido natural beauty DMO

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Asahikawa Airport → SounkyoTravel time:2019 1/12 〜 3/10

A course that goes from Asahikawa Airport to Sounkyo Hot Springs.
You will be able to enjoy the wintertime-exclusive Snow Mobile activity event at 「Kitanomori Garden」along the way (fees are separate).
The popular wintertime event 「Sounkyo Ice Falls Festival」of Sounkyo Hot Springs will be held from 1/25 to 3/17.

Route Map

Route Map

Travel Route

  • 1Asahikawa Airport
    14:00 depart
  • 下車観光Kitanomori Garden・
    Snow Activity
    Arrive 15:00/15:45 depart
  • 下車観光Ginga ・ Ryusei Falls
    Arrive 16:15/16:35 depart
  • 2Respective Hotels of Sounkyo Hot Springs
    Arrive 16:45〜17:05
You can get off
You can board

Price List

Upper Floor:Adult (12 years and older or Junior High School)
Lower floor:Children (11 years or below if a seat is needed or under Junior High School age)

Asahikawa Airport
Sounkyo Onsen
  • 2,500
  • 2,000

Outbound journey, hotel departure and arrival times )

  • 【Respective Hotels of Sounkyo Hot Springs】
    Arrive 16:45 Hotel Sounkaku Grand
    Arrive 16:50 Sounkyo Choyotei
    Arrive 16:55 Hotel Taisetsu
    Arrive 17:00 Sounkyo Kankou Hotel
    Arrive 17:05 Choyo Resort Hotel
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