From Akanko Day trip【Akanko→Lake Masyu→Lake Kussharo→Akanko】

  • From Akanko Day trip【Akanko→Lake Masyu→Lake Kussharo→Akanko】
  • From Akanko Day trip【Akanko→Lake Masyu→Lake Kussharo→Akanko】
  • 日帰り

This plan based at Akanko then it will go around Mashu and Iozan and Kussharo and Onneto.The course is recommended who would you like to stay two or more niaght in Akanko.

【Travel distance】about 210km 【Travel time】about 5h 【Approximate time】about 7~8h
※The winterr is not able to go to Mashu third observatory, Onneto.

【移動距離】約210km 【移動時間】約5時間 【おおよその目安時間】約7~8時間

Akanko Onsen

  • By car 1h20min(50㎞)

    Lake Mashu first observatory

    1Lake Mashu first observatory

    You can lookout the Mashu of mystery from the Lake Mashu first observatory.Also,it is the boasts the second-largest of transparency world. You can watch movie of Mashu at the rest house as well !

  • By car 7min(4㎞)

    Lake Mashu third

    2Lake Mashu third

    Nakajima of Lake,You will be able to lookout Kamuisshu in the center from the observatory.Let's enjoy the compare Lake Mashu third with the Lake Mashu first observatory!

  • By car 20 min(12 km)



    Could you try to walk on the active volcano with raise the smoke. It is spreads out large community of Ezoisotsutsuji at the foot of a Iozan .(mid - ealr June).

  • By car 12min(10km)

    Lake Kussharo-Sunayu

    4Lake Kussharo-Sunayu

    Kussharo-Sunayu is known as what can dig a lake and hot spring boils.
    There is also footbath !

  • Bay car 35min(26km)

    5Bihoro Pass

    You can lookout a superb view of the Kussharo from Bihoro Pass.
    Bihoro Pass is one of the best pass spot in Hokkaido.If it is nice weather conditions in the morning , you will able to see sea of clouds,

  • By car 1h40min(88km)



    Onneto is located in the westernmost part of the Akan Mashu National Park.
    The lake is known as mystery lake that color of the lake change to 7 colors by the viewing position changes .


Akanko Onen


  • 出発地Akanko Onsen
  • 1Lake Mashu first observatory
  • 2Lake Mashu third
  • 3Iozan
  • 4Lake Kussharo-Sunayu
  • 5Bihoro Pass
  • 6Onneto
  • 到着地Akanko Onen