Let`s head to Akanko from Kushiro. 【Kushiro Airport → Akanko】

Let`s head to Akanko from Kushiro. Let`s head to Akanko from Kushiro.

Head to Akanko from Kushiro Airport.
It will be sightseeing spot along the way to the Akanko by car or bus .
The plan is recommended who would you like to arrive at Kushiro Airport daytime.

By car :【Travel distance】About 60km 【Travel tim】About 1 hour 5min 【Approximate tim】About 2hour30min ~3hour
By bus:【Travel distance】About 60km 【Travel time】About 1hour 20 min 【Approximate tim】About 3hour 3min
※Kushiro Airport Dep 12:32→ Tancho-no-Sato Arr 1 3:04/Dep 15:02→Akanko Onsen Arr 15:50

Kushiro Airport

  1. By car 25min(20㎞)/By bus about 30in.

    1Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Rest Area)

    Michi-no-Eki is on the way to Akanko from Kushiro Airport.There is restrunt attached to Michi-no-Eki which name is "restaurant crane" ,You will be enjoy the food where can be eat Akan Pork and Supakatsu it is local specialty of Kushiro.
    ※You will find out Tancho-no-Sato soon after you get off bus stop.

    Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Rest Area)
  2. By walk 3min

    2Akan International Crane Center

    Akan is a wintering area of special natural monument Cranes.Akan International Crane Center has being research and protection for cranes it also you will be meet Cranes for whole year.They are feeding food for cranes in winter.

    Akan International Crane Center

Akanko Onsen