From kushiro to wetland and lake 【Kushiro → Lake masyu → Notsuke Peninsula → Rausu】

From kushiro to wetland and lake From kushiro to wetland and lake

This course will be go up north from Kushiro then it is able to lookout a superb view of the wetlands and lake. it exactly seems like a Hokkaido view.

Kushiro city

  1. By car 40min (24㎞)

    1Hosoka Lookout

    You can lookout Kushiro wetland is one of largest Japanese wetland and kushiro River.There is also a Hosooka Visitors lounge to introduce the natural wetlands.

    Hosoka Lookout
  2. By car 1h25min (71㎞)

    2Lake Mashu first observatory

    Lake Mashu is know as "Mashu fog" you can lookout Lake Mashu from Lake Mashu first observatory.That you will be able to look around during a year. Also, There is shop and bathroom .

    Lake Mashu first observatory
  3. By car 60min(54㎞)


    Kaiyo table is located in the NAkashibetsu . You will be enjoy lookout what is spread far ranch and grassland.

  4. By car 70min(65km)

    4Notsuke Peninsula

    Notsuke Peninsula is known as sandbar that also extends to Japan is having a lenght of 26km,
    You will be able to see wild landscap it is seems like a ends of the world .However, the summmer you wlii see flowers.The ice horizon is attracting as a vast white plateau it is made of freezing the inland sea .

    Notsuke Peninsula