From Kushiro Airport to easternmost of place ! Seafood&drive 【Kushiro Airport → Akkeshi → Nemuro】

From Kushiro Airport to easternmost of place ! Seafood&drive From Kushiro Airport to easternmost of place ! Seafood&drive

The route is good for drive through the seaside view and grassland . Also, who can enjoy with fresh seafood.This plan recommended for who would like to arrive at the Kushiro Airport in the morning.

Kushiro Airport

  1. By car 20min(16㎞)

    1Kushiro Marsh Observatory

    From the Observatory can see Kushiro Marshland and the pacific and the entire city .
    Also,there is the road attached to Sateraito Observatory .
    It is possible walk around Kushiro Marsh Observatory how big around 2.5 km and tekes about an hour.

    Kushiro Marsh Observatory
  2. By car 1h10min(63㎞)

    2Akkeshi taste terminal Conchiglie

    Located on the hill of akkeshi, It is able to overlooking the like town and lake akkeshi from there. Also,The Oyster is a special product of Akkeshi that is popular to eat fresh one in the restaurant.

    Akkeshi taste terminal Conchiglie
  3. By car 40min (34㎞)

    3Kiritappu Wetland Biwase tree road

    Biwase tree road in the Kiritappu Wetland where is able to see lovely flower in the summer .

    Kiritappu Wetland Biwase tree road
  4. By car 15min(8km)

    4Kiritappu Cape

    The Kiritappu Cape protrudes into the Pacific Ocean "Kiritappu cape" where located in the Kiritappu Cape is a height of elevation 40 ~ 60m. Also,The Cape is often shrouded with mist as its name suggests. that not sunny only about once every three days.

    Kiritappu Cape
  5. By car 1h45min(90km)

    5Nosappu cape

    Nosappu cape is located in the easternmost of the Japan except an out island.
    You will able to lookout Habomai Islands from Nosappu cape also can feeling close to Northern Territories.
    The first sunrise on New Year's Day is popular.

    Nosappu cape

Nemuro city