Winter Season

Area Information

  • Kushiro

    Attractive area where you can observe wild animals in Japan’s largest marsh and enjoy fresh seafood.Kushiro

    Kushiro Marsh is well-known as the greatest attraction in Kushiro area, and there you can observe red-crowned cranes as you canoe.
    Furthermore, the sunset in Kushiro, said to be one of the best three sunsets in the world, is breathtaking, and the local cuisines including special fried-chicken called “zangi” and traditional seafood barbecue called “robata” are the favored attractions.

    • Kushiro Marsh(Canoeing, Red-Crowned Cranes), The Sunset at Nusamai Bridge, Akan International Crane Center, SL Winter Marsh Train)

    • Spa-katsu, Zangi, Robata-yaki, Kushiro Ramen, Katte-don, Oyster

    • Kushiro Airport, Kushiro Station

    • Express Bus No.5, No.6, No.8, No.9, No.10, No.11, Pirika, White Pirika

  • Nakashibetsu & Betsukai

    Favored area for the superb views of winter wonderland and Japan’s largest dairy farming land.Nakashibetsu & Betsukai

    It holds the largest number of dairy cows in Japan, and here you can see Hokkaido-ish sceneries of green pastures spreading in a cold climate. During winter, the ice land of Notsuke Peninsula (Betsukai Hyoheisen - Ice Horizon) is so amazing that it’s often said to be Uyuni Salt Flat of Japan.

    • Betsukai Hyoheisen, Todowara & Ice Horizon Walk Tour, Notsuke Peninsula, Kaiyodai

    • Milk, Cheese & Other Dairy Products, Hokkai Shimaebi Shrimp, Scallops

    • Nakashibetsu Airport

    • Express Bus No.6, No.7

  • Lake Akan

    The area where the deep Ainu culture, marimo, and ice art of frost flowers await you.Lake Akan

    Lake Akan, located in the deep forest of Akan, is famous as a habitat of rare moss balls called marimo. A variety of tourist attractions are here including summer canoeing, autumn leaves, ice-fishing for smelt, and ice crystals called frost flowers. It also offers fine experiences of the Ainu culture including craft and traditional cuisines.

    • Lake Akan, Lake Akan Sightseeing Cruise, Canoeing, Frost Flowers, Ainu Culture Experience, Kamuy Lumina

    • Ainu Cuisine, Yezo Sika Deer & Other Jibie (Game Meat), Smelt Fish Cuisine

    • Kushiro Airport, Kushiro Station

    • Express Bus No.2, No.3, No.5, No.6, No.7, No.8, No.9, Marimo Express, Akan Airport Liner

  • Lake Akan

    The area that is popular for two world-famous lakes. It offers abundant hot springs and food.Lake Mashu, Lake Kussharo

    This area holds the world’s second most transparent and mysterious lake - Lake Mashu, the world’s second largest crater lake - Lake Kussharo, and Kawayu Onsen known for Japan’s strongest acidic hot spring. There’re many more attractions including canoeing in Lake Kussharo & Kushiro River and Mashu Soba which is made from locally produced buckweat.

    • Lake Mashu, Lake Kussharo, Kawayu Onsen, Bihoro Pass, Mt. Iou

    • Teshikaga Soba, Dairy Products, Sweets

    • Kushiro Airport, Kushiro Station, Nakashibetsu Airport, Memanbetsu Airport

    • Express Bus No.2, No.3, No.5, No.6, No.7, No.9, No.10, No.11

  • Shiretoko

    Designated as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. Shiretoko is one of the most precious paradise for wild life.Shiretoko

    The year 2020 is the 15th year since Shiretoko was designated as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. It is a treasure house of many precious wild animals such as mammals including brown bears & Yezo sika deer, birds including sea eagles & Blakiston’s fish owls, dolphins and killer whales. Since the coast gets covered with drift ice during winter, you can try a variety of winter activities including drift ice walking and ice diving.

    • Shiretoko Goko Lakes, Brown Bear Watching Cruise, Trekking, Drift Ice Walking, Ryuhyou-yoku (Drift Ice Relaxation), Shiretoko Pass

    • Sea Urchin, Salmon Roe, Salmon & Other Seafood. Yezo Sika Deer Cuisine.

    • Memanbetsu Airport, Abashiri Station, Nakashibetsu Airport

    • Express Bus No.1, No.2, No.5, No.6, No.7, No.10, No.11, Shiretoko Airport Liner

  • Mombetsu, Abashiri

    Summer is the time for flower gardens and marine products which are unique to a port town. Winter is the time the area becomes the base of drift ice cruising.Mombetsu, Abashiri

    Abashiri & Mombetsu areas show totally different charms in summer and winter. Flower gardens here in summer are must-see sceneries; shibazakura (moss pink) covers the ground like a pink carpet, and vast gardens are filled with tulips and sunflowers. These two major drift ice cruises, Ice Breaker Garinko Ⅱ in Mombetsu and Icebreaker Ship Aurora in Abashiri are the most favored attraction in winter. Fresh seafood including horsehair crabs enriches your journey.

    • Ice Breaker Garinko Ⅱ(Mombetsu), Icebreaker Ship Aurora (Abashiri), Abashiri Prison Museum, Shibazakura (Takinoue & Higashimokoto), Tulips (Kamiyubetsu)

    • Seafood (Sushi, Robata-yaki, etc.), Abashiri Beer

    • Memanbetsu Airport, Abashiri Station, Mombetsu Airport

    • Express Bus No.1, No.2, No.3, No.4, No.5, No.8, No.9, Shiretoko Airport Liner, Marimo Express

  • Kitami

    It’s the commercial center of the Okhotsk area. Many kinds of crops, seafood, and yakiniku Kitami

    Kitami, the regional hub city of eastern Hokkaido, holds vast agricultural lands and the Sea of Okhotsk. Since it’s one of Japan’s leading producing area of scallops, onions, and potatoes, Kitami is favored by gourmets nationwide. There’re also popular hot spring spas called Onneyu Onsen which provide excellent quality of spring water.

    • Kitakitsune Farm (Red Fox Farm), Kitano Daichino Aquarium, Kitami Mint Memorial Museum

    • Kitami Yakiniku, Mint, Seafood

    • Memanbetsu Airport

    • Express Bus No.5, No.8, No.9, Marimo Express

  • Obihiro & Tokachi

    It’s well-known as Japan’s leading farming area where the farming culture and food keep attracting tourists.Obihiro & Tokachi

    Potatoes & other crops produced in extended Tokachi Plain, wagyu beef including Tokachi beef, a variety of sweets made from cheese & other dairy products are highly recommended. During winter, a number of tourists visit Lake Shikaribetsu known for the event on the icy lake surface and Jewelry Ice, the art of ice on the beach.

    • Banei Horse Racing, Rokka no Mori, Naitai Highland Farm, Tokachi Millennium Forest, Jewelry Ice

    • Cheese, Buta-don, Brand Wagyu, Tokachi Wine, Sweets

    • Obihiro Airport, Obihiro Station

    • Tokachi Sweets Liner, VISIT TOKACHI PASS

  • Sounkyo

    It’s a mountainous area in the center of Hokkaido and a hot spring resort located at the foot of Tokachi Mountain Range.Sounkyo

    Sounkyo has long been known as a hot spring resort, located at the foot of Japan’s famous mountains, Mt. Tokachidake and Mt. Kurodake. It’s favored by a number of tourists as a base point of climbing in summer, a scenic place of autumn leaves in fall, and a venue of the popular event called Sounkyo Ice Fall Festival (Hyobaku Festival) in winter.

    • The Kurodake Ropeway, Sounkyo Ice Fall Festival (Hyobaku Festival), Daisetsu Mori-no Garden

    • Asahikawa Airport, Asahikawa Station